Tarot reading for january 2020

Health related issues are also strongly understood in this magical, nurturing style of reading that is celebrating a new popularity. For the folks that like to delve into the head rather the heart this style of reading looks at how the numbers affect our lives and circumstances. The chart is made to clearly show how to understand and decipher the meaning of numbers i. An important tool looking at yearly forecasts and a very powerful tool for mapping out the property up and down cycles. On my professional trips to southern Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast, new clientele often wish to have further readings.

Through phone readings I can also provide discretionary service for clientele who wish to remain more anonymous. For combination special, you may have sessions on different days. Both sessions are for the same person i. Prices are subject to change. For all visits by Alain outside of Cairns, price on application. You prefer to know what to expect, but the clarity you need isn't here yet. You must trust the journey and seek support if need be. It's possible that you may be traveling or moving. Or, you may simply be putting a situation in your rearview mirror once and for all. Change is rarely easy but do know that once things settle down, peace will return.

Taurus' keywords: transition, support, moving on, leaving, peace, destiny, travel, journey, seeking, exodus. Things are not what they seem at the moment. Do not take anything at face value. You may feel as if you are fumbling in the dark. The clarity you need is not present, which means you may have to rely on your instincts. How do you feel about your situation? Your feelings hold clues, so do not ignore them. Difficult choices must be made but rest assured you will find your way.

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You are being guided by intuition, and if you allow it to lead the way, you'll be safe and secure soon enough. Gemini's keywords: illusion, instinct, primal, reflection, darkness, confusion, unknown, change, sensitivity, deception. Security is essential to you, which means you may be more focused on creating financial stability at this time.

While others are throwing caution to the wind, you're squirreling it away for the future. Hard work and practicality come naturally for you, so this period may feel quite satisfying. Guard against being too controlling, especially with your resources. While it's nice to have money in the bank, it's even better when you can share it freely with others.

Plan for your future but don't forget to live well in the present. Cancer's keywords: security, miserliness, stability, saving, conserving, holding on, possessiveness, control, order, greed. Count your blessings for they are many. You've worked hard, and now you can collect the fruits from your labor. The seeds you've planted long ago are beginning to blossom. Celebrate your good fortune and treat yourself a bit -- you deserve it!

What’s on the horizon for January 2020?

This card can also speak of a time when you feel somewhat alone. Sure, you have the creature comforts, but if you're feeling lonely, why not invite others into your world? Let others in, and your world will become so much bigger. This card can also symbolize the purchase of real estate or investing your funds for retirement. Leo's keywords: wealth, prosperity, success, fruits of your labor, ease, harvest, security, materialism, luxury, self-reliance.

The Knight of Swords rushes in, ready to do battle. This is the energy you'll need at this time. Events may be tricky, and storm clouds threaten the peace. You must be willing to stand up, speak out, and fight the good fight! When times are tough, people look to the brave folks who are unafraid to take a stand. Make your point. No holding back. An assertive, brash approach will cut through the clouds and clear the air. You may irritate a few people, but in the long run, you'll be glad you did. Virgo's keywords: haste, excitement, swiftness, ideas, speaking out, assertiveness, combat, storm, defense, impatience.

Honesty will be your weapon at this time. You must lead with your truth and be willing to tell it like it is, even if your words are unpopular.

People can drop in and drop out whenever suits them. I just ask that you let me know if you can attend.

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We will explore other spreads, help each other out if anybody has a problem. Enjoy the safe place that we have become used to. Email us: info thedublinwellbeingcentre. Courses Workshops Groups. Courses Reiki Level 1 Reiki Level 1 is a wonderful beginning to your own inner journey when you learn to feel energy and learn to trust your own instinct. Reiki will change your life forever. These workshops are set in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people.

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Plenty of time is allocated to your questions so you can feel confident in using your new skills from day 1. Call me on or email:timeformedublin gmail. It will broaden your knowledge and healing skills, to enable you to help others to heal and grow. The focus is on mental and emotional healing, introduction of Reiki symbols, distant healing and Reiki practice with a view to becoming a practitioner.

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Call me on or email timeformedublin gmail. This level is about continued self-healing and spiritual growth. You will continue to master self-awareness, knowledge and your understanding of Reiki. This is a practical course but I start it with a special new symbol, so as to balance the days training and keep us all connected to the loving Reiki energy. The spiritual aspects and responsibilities of being a Reiki Master Teacher. The ability to attune others automatically allows a huge increase in your capacity to channel and hold higher vibrational energy for yourself or others around you.

I will explain how to read them and how they interact with each other. Because it is not in the meaning of each card where the reading shows its truth. Its in you and your psychic abilities. We will go more in depth into the cards.

Book online at your leisure.

We will do more in depth spreads to explore further the meanings of the cards. This course further hones your gifts and helps you understand on a deeper level all your Tarot Cards and your ability to read them. After the first weekend, you can already practice your skills on friends and family. This is a most amazing self development course as well as a wonderful massage learning experience you can use on friends and family at this stage.

Vel non ut mollitia ea aliquid suscipit totam facere. Quae qui sit quia. Workshops Introduction to Homeopathy This is a practice that brings you, your family and friends closer to better heath and further away from serious or recurring illnesses. This is an informative first aid course and also a hands-on course preparing you to be able to use your own specific Helios first aid kit confidently. This kit contains 36 remedies and is provided and included in the course.

25th January | Beyond the Ordinary

You will also be provided with an informative handbook which will be used during the course. No previous knowledge required. It is the oldest form of healing which most indigenous cultures practiced, such as the Native Americans, the Incas and the Aborigines. When people come to me for the very first time ever to do any type of holistic healing, we are amazed how easily people can tap into their own intuition,